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How to Order Our Books

Please note that we only ship to the United States and Canada.

There are two ways to order our yoga books:

If you are a PayPal member, you can order our books by credit card online by clicking on one of the "ORDER NOW" links on our site. Shipping price is lowest this way.

Note: if you find yourself on the online shopping cart page, and then want to shop for more books, click on the "Home" link. If you have already placed some items in your shopping cart, you can get back to the cart by clicking on an "ORDER NOW" link. Be sure to check, and if necessary, adjust the number of items in your cart before placing your order .

Or go to and search for the title of the yoga manual you wish to purchase. When the results for the manual comes up, select seller ACLAGETT .

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Our Guarantee: We stand 100% behind our products. If you aren't pleased with any item, return it to us for a speedy, cheerful refund.


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